Kenyans Roast Government after US YouTuber MrBeast Digs 52 Wells in Kenya

MrBeast has stated that he constructed 52 wells in Africa. PHOTO COURTESY
MrBeast has stated that he constructed 52 wells in Africa. PHOTO COURTESY

Kenyans have scrutinized the government’s provision of services following the construction of 52 wells in the country by American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast.

James Stephen Donaldson, who goes by the professional name MrBeast, is an American content creator on YouTube who is recognized for his role in innovating a category of YouTube content focused on extravagant stunts, challenging activities, and philanthropic acts of giving.

The renowned YouTuber initiated a quest to construct 100 wells across the continent, with 52 of them situated in Kenya. He was astonished by the poor quality of water that school children were compelled to consume.

MrBeast has stated that he constructed 52 wells, bridge and supplied computers to several schools in Kenya as well.

As per the content creator, these initiatives don’t necessitate substantial government funding; instead, they rely on individuals who are willing to offer their assistance.

The Mr. Beast 100 boreholes initiative has a positive effect on the lives of more than 500,000 individuals in Africa.

American YouTuber Mr. Beast
American YouTuber Mr. Beast constructed 100 wells in Africa

“These 100 wells we built in Africa will change a lot of lives but definitely not enough. That is why we need your help,” he stated.

The YouTuber boasting more than 200 million subscribers uploaded a video documenting the transformation of various projects, both before and after completion.

During his stay in the country, he took it upon himself to construct a new bridge in a nearby village due to the deteriorating state of the previous one, which worsened during heavy rains, causing transportation difficulties.

Furthermore, he generously contributed computers, shelves, books, footballs, whiteboards, and projectors to primary schools in the area.

The YouTuber also visited Zimbabwe and Cameroon with the intention of constructing additional wells and making a positive impact on the lives of the local population.

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