Is rapper Young M.A. expecting a child? Rapper rumored to be pregnant again

Is Young M.A. pregnant? Photo Courtesy

Young MA pregnancy rumors have taken across the internet. According to many internet users, rapper Young M.A. has previously stated her desire to start a family.

The 29-year-old became well-known after the release of the quadruple-platinum smash single “Ooouuu.” On YouTube, her music video has received more than 300 million views.

When they suspected that she might be pregnant, her followers went berserk.

Pregnant Young M.A. Image: Instagram

There is no verifiable or reliable evidence that Young is pregnant. But it’s causing quite a stir online.

Young M.A. is reported to be familiar with such rumors since she dealt with a similar falsehood last year.

Internet users continued to discuss the rumor despite the lack of confirmation. Many uploaded jokes about the rapper’s alleged pregnancy, while others speculated endlessly about the child’s other parent.

The rapper Young M.A, who is a lesbian, has been open about her sexual orientation in her music throughout her career, and it appears that this is a running gag about her.

She acknowledged that since first grade, she had preferred girls in an interview with The Breakfast Club.


After the success of her debut single, Young M.A was nominated for BET and MTV Artist of the Year and Female Hip-Hop Artist of the Year awards. She began appearing on magazine covers. She has been featured in global ad campaigns for Google Pixel 2, Beats By Dre, and Pandora.

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