Two Karimojong warriors surrender guns to the UPDF

warriors hand over the guns to the UPDF in Moroto army barracks on Saturday, - Screenshot ; COURTESY
warriors hand over the guns to the UPDF in Moroto army barracks on Saturday, - Screenshot ; COURTESY

Two Karimojong warriors have handed over two more firearms to the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) at Moroto Army Barracks in Moroto District on Saturday.

According to the Monitor, the weapons were surrendered by Karacuna Lomokol Loduk and James Akol, residents of Rupa Sub-county in Moroto District.

This brings the total number of firearms voluntarily surrendered without the use of excessive force to three within one week.

According to Lt Col Fred Wemba, the Division Intelligence Officer, the surrendered firearms include sub-machine guns with serial numbers 56-3005911 and BC 27849, along with a total of 12 live rounds of ammunition.

The duo was accompanied by Mr. Emmanuel Lokii, Councillor representing Rupa Sub-county, and Lochoro Clementina, District Councillor representing Lotisan Sub-county.

“The recovery and handover of firearms comes at the time when the Sub-county enjoys relative peace after several security-community engagements,” he said.

He added that surrendering the two guns is a testimony of the continued voluntary approach, response and respect of the existing Presidential Amnesty window in the disarmament operation.

The authorities said the two cattle rustlers who voluntary surrendered the guns received Karamoja disarmament cards and remain potential beneficiaries of government incentives and other related programs.

“We applaud the security forces, local leadership and the Wanainchi (Civilians) towards progressive and tireless efforts in the recovery of arms, and livestock and maintaining security in the Karamoja Sub-region” he said.

On Wednesday, a 28 year-old, Loli Longoli surrendered a gun to Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) in Moroto Army Barracks.


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