Ivy Ifeoma, Rudeboy’s Girlfriend, Clears the Air: Addressing the Homewrecker Tag in Candid Revelation

Ivy Ifeoma, Rudeboy's Girlfriend, Clears the Air
Ivy Ifeoma, Rudeboy's Girlfriend, Clears the Air

Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of music artist Paul Okoye otherwise known as Rudeboy, a social media influencer, has addressed the negativity surrounding her relationship.

Despite being hurt by hate comments, she remains resilient. Ifeoma shared that criticism started when their relationship became public, with hurtful remarks, especially being labeled a homewrecker, being the most painful.

In an interview with Cool FM, she said, she stays strong regardless.

“I have seen a lot, my eyes have seen a lot. I don’t want to say it but it was during the heat of the moment for me, getting a lot of bad DMs, people were just like randomly saying things about me for no reason.

“Most times I overlook it. Cos at the end it’s your opinion and na you sabi.
The meanest thing I have had about myself is that I am a homewrecker. That’s the most painful cause where did you get your fact from”.

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