Pastor Ezekiel Odero Arrested

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Arrested by Police. IMAGE: COURTESY
Pastor Ezekiel Odero Arrested by Police. IMAGE: COURTESY

Pastor Ezekiel arrested and being interrogated by the DCI in Mombasa.

On Thursday, April 27, pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New International Life Church in Kilifi was arrested on accusations of being pastor Paul Mackenzie’s accomplice.

At a press conference, Coast Regional Commissioner Onyancha stated that Odero’s church was shut and that he had been arrested.

“This morning we have arrested Pastor Ezekiel Odero for allegations of the deaths that have been occurring at his premises and reported in various media institutions.

“We have also taken action and closed the prayer centre. We are urging and giving information to the public that the church has been closed and whatever was in there has been cleared out,” she stated.

Also revealed by Onyancha was that Pastor Odero was being questioned at the DCI regional headquarters in Mombasa County.

In a video that has gone viral online, Pastor Odero was seen being led by police to the Kilifi County station after arriving for questioning in his white Lexus LX570.

In a comprehensive operation against rogue preachers linked to the deaths in Shakahola Forest, the Commissioner added that 22 suspects believed to be Mackenzie’s accomplices were also apprehended.

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