Kenyatta National Hospital Claims Baby Travis’ Father Hit Him With a Fork Jembe

Baby Travis Maina who had a Fork Jembe Lodged in His Skull. COURTESY

Dr. Kamuri, CEO of Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), has revealed that Baby Travis Maina, who died after a fork jembe became lodged in his head, could have been hit by his father.

When Dr. Kamuri spoke before the Senate Health Committee, he described how the baby’s mother wailed after learning about her son’s death accusing the father of killing him.

According to the KNH management, Judy Muthoni, the mother of Baby Travis, claimed that she was the target of the fork’s “jembe” during a domestic altercation with her husband.

“It is an issue that requires to be investigated by another body. When we informed the woman about the death of her son, she started crying about how her baby had been killed by her husband,” Said Dr. Kamuri

According to Dr. Kamuri, the injuries were severe enough that could not have been inflicted by a child.
KNH CEO said that the mother needs to come clean about what happened.

“It was a severe injury that could not have been inflicted by other children while playing. That woman needs to come out clear on what exactly happened. We are very sorry for what happened but we have also been asking ourselves what happened,” he said.

The doctor’s revelation contradicts previous allegations that baby Travis Maina was hit by his 6-year-old brother.

The committee is currently investigating what actually happened, before rendering a final decision.

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