”I sold smokies while in Daystar University” – Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto Image: Courtesy

A video of Charlene Ruto claiming to have sold street food on campus is making the rounds on social media, and Kenyans are reacting to it.

“I made a business of selling smokie Kachumbari, I was studying at Daystar University and that is what used to sell the most, smokie Kachumbari,” said the first daughter.

She continued by saying that her father was very supportive and had given her the go-ahead to continue the business.

“He really encouraged me in that small business that I was doing. And one principle that he taught me that I want to pass down to you all….” However, the audience cut Charlene off before she could finish.

“Why are you all laughing? Why? What is up?”, she asked.

A section of the crowd was not convinced at all, and some shouted, “Uwongo! Those are lies…. uwongo bana. Mtoto wa deputy president? Aaahh Wakenya si wajinga bana”

Kenyans have reacted differently to the video.

Charlene is the Director of PR and Branding at the Weston Hotel Nairobi.

She graduated from Daystar University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication back in 2015.

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