Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna Exchange Blows At Kiss FM Studios

Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna Exchange Blows At Kiss FM Studios

Oga Obinna and Eric Omondi got into an altercation inside the Kiss FM studios.

According to photos uploaded on social media by Oga Obinna, two guys in black suits were seen separating Eric and Obinna.

“I’ve dealt with him. Ndio mwanzo.. na iwe funzo. You are very lucky I didn’t hold you properly..VIDEO LOADING!!” Obinna wrote.

During the interview at the breakfast show, Oga Obinna claimed that Eric Omondi’s dress code was indecent adding that he is not a good role model to future generations.

” You need to cover yourself, behave appropriately.”

The remark irritated Eric, who rose from his seat and dashed towards Obinna, ready to attack.

Kwambox’s attempts to calm the two guys were unsuccessful, and men in black suits were forced to intervene.

When Kwamboka announced yesterday that she had invited Eric Omondi to the Kiss FM studio to discuss his recent rant against gospel singers, Obinna became furious to the point of threatening to leave if Omondi showed up.

“Eric is a bully, he is childish and misinformed. Eric Omondi will not come for an interview here and if he does I will leave.” Obinna said.

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