Belgian Billionaire Gifts 21-Year-Old Kenyan Girlfriend Ksh102M

Cryptocurrency investor Merc De Mesel and his girlfriend. [COURTESY]

Belgian bitcoin billionaire Marc De Mesel gifts his 21-year-old Kenyan girlfriend, identified as Felesta Nyamathira Njoroge Ksh102 million.

The girlfriend who is a student at, the Nairobi Technical Training Institute received the money from her Belgian boyfriend as a gift. The amount was sent twice totaling Ksh102,654,024, which was discovered in her Co-operative bank account.

The bank account was opened on 2 August 2021 and a few days later, money was wired in.

According to reports, the first deposit of Ksh25,803,756 was made on August 4, 2021, second deposit of Ksh25,803,756 was made on August 5 with the third and fourth deposits coming in on August 6 but as separate transactions of Ksh25,242,756 and Ksh25,579,356.

Cryptocurrency investor Merc De Mesel. [COURTESY]
The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) investigated the source of money and discovered that it was from Marc De Mesel the Belgian boyfriend.

The girlfriend later said the money was a gift from the boyfriend and was to help her start business.

Mesel grew up in Belgium, Europe, the northern Dutch part of Belgium called Flanders and he started investing in cryptocurrency in 2008.


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