Safaricom doubles SIM card prices

To account for the effects of new taxes, telecoms operator Safaricom has doubled the cost of SIM cards.

Customers would now pay Ksh.100 instead of Ksh.50 for a SIM card purchase starting on Friday as a result of the 2022 Finance Act’s implementation of an excise levy of Ksh.50 on imported SIM cards.

However, the telco operator will provide consumers a Ksh.50 airtime initial top up as a way to make up for the increased excise duty’s arrival.

Simultaneously, Safaricom declares that it would increase phone prices to account for the implementation of a 10% excise tax on imported phones, which is also included in the 2022 Finance Act.

The impact of a 25% import charge on phones as part of the East African Community Common External Tariff will also be reflected in the cost of new phones (CET).

“Phone prices will be adjusted to include the 10% excise tax and 25% import duty as existing stock levels are replaced with new stock on which the new taxes apply,” Safaricom said in a statement on Thursday.


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