Diamond platnumz says getting married will slow down his career

WCB boss Diamond Platnumz PHOTO COURTESY

Diamond Platnumz, the CEO of WCB, has stated that he is not ready to marry anytime soon because it would jeopardize his career.

The Tanzanian singer was asked about his plans to settle down and have a woman in his house in an interview with DW’s Josey Mahachi.

In response, he stated that he had witnessed his industry friends being destructed and failing to deliver good music after marriage.

“That’s what I’ve seen from all of my friends, that’s what I’ve realized, and that’s why I want to continue giving them music, the time I’m about to retire, I will get married,” Diamond said.

WCB boss Diamond Platnumz Photo COURTESY [DIAMOND PLATNUMZ]
Diamond aka Simba stated that he still wishes to give his fans more hits prior to committing to marriage.

“I’m trying to see what can go with me. I have my way, you need to be very creative, and you need to be very smart. So I feel like because I put in more than 100% in my work, I’m trying to be as creative as I can, trying to be as creative as I can, trying to make sure I satisfy my fans,” he said.

“It’s difficult sometimes to be me. I’m trying to be real me so people can get whatever they see. Whether it is good or bad, it made me who I am.”

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