Ugandan singer Pallaso attacked, beaten and stabbed in South Africa Xenophobia

Ugandan singer Pallaso was attacked and bitten in South Africa. #Courtesy

Ugandan Singer Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso was attacked, beaten and stabbed in South Africa, in what is termed as a Xenophobic attack. According to the video posted, the singer reveals that as he was traveling with his friend on Wednesday evening, their car was attacked by unknown people who seemed to be protesting. Here is a statement by Pallaso; They beat me up real bad. I fell down, I was stabbed. As I tried to run I was hit by a car. I tried to ask…

Rapper Pop Smoke Murdered in Home Invasion

Rapper Pop Smoke Murdered in Home Invasion. #photoCOURTESY

Rapper Pop Smoke Murdered in Home Invasion. Pop Smoke, an up-and-coming rapper, was shot and killed Wednesday morning in what appears to be a home invasion robbery. According to TMZ, at 8:03 AM PT , Just hours before he was gunned down, Pop Smoke mugged with a pal in a car — the friend holding a fortune in bills — in the driveway of the home where he was shot. 7:32 AM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us there was a party or gathering at the house prior to…

Baby dies after choking on lollipop.

Baby dies in Kakamega after choking on Lolipop. #PhotoCourtesy

A seven month-old baby has died after choking on lollipop in Kakamega. According to reports, the mother of the baby said her six-year-old son gave the infant the sweet when she was in the bathroom. Efforts by the baby’s father to help him failed. “I heard my wife call out for help and was shocked to find my son on the floor struggling to breathe,” said the father. The baby was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

STEP ASIDE and let investigations be conducted – Governor Charity Ngilu

William Ruto and Charity Ngilu. #PhotoCourtesy

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Asks DP Ruto To Step Aside Over Arms Deal, through a statement posted on her official twitter account. The Kitui Governor said, the Deputy President should stop hoodwinking Kenyans through tweets and do the honorable thing, STEP ASIDE and let investigations be conducted in an impartial environment. In her statement the Governor said, ”I am shocked by the revelations that seemingly fraudulent activities of high magnitude can be hatched and planned in the office of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.” ”The Deputy President’s…

You have to steal a good man from a careless woman — Miwa

Miwa. #PhotoCourtesy

Leading sex therapist known widely as the ‘Kayanmata Goddess’ and fondly called Miwa of Miwa Signature Palace has given an insight on why some women lose their men to other. According to a post on her Instagram page, the Ikare-born, lady engineer turned Aphrodisiac seller opined that good men are not easy to find, that, they can only be stolen from a careless woman. Hear her: “ A good man is not easy to find nowadays. You have to steal him from a careless woman who doesn’t value what she…

Breaking: President Salva Kiir has finally accepted 10 states

South Sudan's president Salva Kiir, Signing an Agreement. #Photo: FILE COURTESY

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit, has finally resolved to return the country to 10 states and to their previous respective counties, according to a statement issued by the Presidential Press Unit. According to SSN, The government’s final position was officially announced this morning by the Office of the President following an emergency meeting held at the State House by senior government officials. The issue of the number of states and their boundaries has been a stumbling block, hampering the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity. Do…

Kagame body guards wrestle with Kenyan presidential guards at Moi funeral

Kagame Security Detail engage in a scuffle with security at entrance. #PhotoCourtesy ScreenShot

Rwandan President Paul Kagame personal security detail was on Tuesday involved in a scuffle with the security manning the entrance to the dais barring Kagame’s Security from accompanying him. Kagame said that Kenya’s mourning and success also impact Rwanda in one way or another. “Thank you for giving us this opportunity to direct to you condolences and also mention the obvious fact that when the people of Kenya are grieving, it goes as far as our country and our people,” he said. “If Kenyans succeed and make progress, we also…

South Sudan’s Leader Wins Dubious ‘Spoiler of Peace’ Award 2020

South Sudan's president Salva Kiir . #PhotoCourtesy REUTERS

KAMPALA, Uganda — South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Monday was named the top “spoiler of peace” in a new award that seeks to shame him and others into taking serious steps to end bloody conflict in the world’s youngest country. Kiir and rival leader Riek Machar are under growing pressure to form a coalition government this month, the significant next step in a fragile peace deal signed in 2018 to end a five-year civil war that killed nearly 400,000 people. The deadline has been extended twice and the international…

Husband Slits Wife’s Throat During Sex After Finding Out She Was Pregnant

Husband Slits Wife's Throat During Sex After Finding Out She Was Pregnant. #PhotoCourtesy

Husband Slits Wife’s Throat During Sex After Finding Out She Was Pregnant Read the chilling Facebook post police believe he wrote, pretending to be the wife he just killed. A Brazilian man has confessed to slitting his wife’s throat during sex because she was pregnant. Marcelo Araújo, 21, admitted to police that he killed 22-year-old Francine dos Santos on December 22 after finding out she was expecting their third child. The couple already shared a four-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. After relatives were unable to contact her, they broke…