The new baby in town

delivery motocycle. Photo/courtesy
delivery motocycle. Photo/courtesy
delivery motorcycle. Photo/courtesy

Local startups are working hard to introduce new products to our local market. It’s not business as usual as Nawi ride unveils another product in the market.

The Nawi brand that started few months ago has already made another step again by introducing a delivery application in Lodwar town and its environs.

The application that goes by the name Nawi mart is the new baby in town. Things got better the application is meant for delivery of goods from groceries, liquor and other households commodities.

Nawi Mart logo. Photo courtesy Nawi Mart
Nawi Mart logo. Photo courtesy Nawi Mart

”Nawi Mart is the go to app for customers as it offers unrivaled convenience. Order millions of products from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep in minutes,” Lawrence Eweilar, the CEO said.

”Nawi Mart app connects merchants with millions of customers enabling merchants to increase orders and sales. Nawi Mart creates value for both merchants and customers.


Nawi mart delivery app screenshoot
Nawi mart delivery app screenshot

“Nawi Mart app uses delivery agents who enjoy the value created by merchants and customers. The delivery agents enjoy boosted commissions on millions of orders received by merchants and deliveries they make to customers through the Nawi Mart app,” Lawrence Eweilar, the CEO explains.

However, its easy for the android and apple users to access and use the app. To start using the service, a client is required to download the app from Google application store and apple app store, then order anything online at their own comfort the app is more convenient no more queuing at groceries or supermarket Nawi mart has made it easy.


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