Russian Passenger Plane Lands On Frozen River By Mistake

Russian Passenger Plane Lands On Frozen River By Mistake. PHOTO COURTESY
Russian Passenger Plane Lands On Frozen River By Mistake. PHOTO COURTESY

A plane from the Soviet era, the Antonov-24, with 30 passengers on board, landed on a frozen river close to an airport in Russia’s far east on Thursday due to a mistake by the pilot, according to transportation prosecutors.

The An-24 belonging to Polar Airlines safely touched down on the Kolyma river near Zyryanka in the Yakutia region, as reported by the prosecutors.

“According to preliminary information, the cause of the aviation incident was an error by the crew in piloting the aircraft,” a spokesperson for the Eastern Siberian transport prosecutor said in a statement.

Prosecutors released images of the plane on an icy river, while the Izvestia newspaper published photos of passengers getting off the aircraft.

“The An-24 aircraft landed outside of the runway of the Zyryanka airport,” Polar Airlines said in a short statement.

“There were no casualties,” it said.


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