Otile Brown Ethiopian ex-girlfriend is dating again

Otile Brown and Ethiopian ex-girlfriend , Nabayet. {COURTESY}

Otile brown Ethiopian ex girlfriend is dating again. she said breaking up with Otile made her realize happiness doesn’t come from other people.

In her Instagram Q and A session with her fans, Nabayete termed long distance relationship as the most hardest. This is after a fan asked her to speak about her experience with along distances relationship

“I think I can write a book about it. A long-distance relationship is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced,” she said.

Otile Brown and Ethiopian ex-girlfriend , Nabayet. {COURTESY}

“It is extremely tough but it’s certainly very possible. It requires your full trust, genuine love and more importantly clear and consistent communication. If those aren’t at 100%, don’t even bother trying it.”

Nabayet further said that technology has made long-distance relationships easy.

“It’s very easy to grow apart and misunderstand each other when it’s long distance. But thanks to technology you can simply avoid that.”

“It’s very important to maintain close communication, update each other regularly and be there for each other. Be confident in your relationship and assure your partner that all will be well. Then you are good to go.”


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