Nyako Issues Public Apology after TikTok Suspends Akothee’s Account

Nyako Issues Public Apology after TikTok Suspends Akothee's Account. PHOTO COURTESY
Nyako Issues Public Apology after TikTok Suspends Akothee's Account. PHOTO COURTESY

The TikTok president, Nyako, known for stirring controversy, issued a public apology after TikTok suspended Akothee’s account.

This action came in response to a recent heated dispute between Nyako and Akothee, where offensive and personal language was used.

In a video posted online, Nyako admitted her imperfections and requested forgiveness from the public for the words uttered during the intense argument with Akothee.

“Tafadhali mnisamehe, and let me try to be yule mchungaji mnataka nikue hakuna mchungajji aliye kamilika.

Only Jesus Christ is clean and upright, but the rest of us have fallen short of the glory of Christ and are all sinners.”

Nyako expressed her dissatisfaction with the public’s unfair desire for misfortune in her life, emphasizing that she doesn’t merit such negativity.

She urged the public to refrain from wishing her ill will and instead encouraged them to support her growth as a person.

Nyako acknowledged her imperfections, stating that, like any ordinary human, she occasionally stumbles, and she appealed for forgiveness, drawing attention to her recent heated disagreement with Kenyan artists and Akothee, the president of Single Mothers.

How did it start?

What triggered the sequence of events was the commencement of Akothee’s remarks, where she, without specifying anyone, asserted that a particular individual was imitating her and lacked the status of a brand like she does.

This caught the attention of a pilot engaged in online disputes, who interpreted it as a provocation.

In response, the pilot uploaded a video challenging Akothee to a direct verbal confrontation to determine the ultimate victor.

“I was scrolling, and from the videos, you can tell that I am being addressed directly or indirectly in those videos.

The president of single mothers (Akothee). I am the president of TikTok. Come with a little respect here in TikTok. We know you are the madam money. You marry even an old Mzungu; you don’t care. Come slowly. You are the brand, yes, but not on TikTok. TikTok belongs to hustlers, not for the braggarts. You don’t have money. TikTok has its owners. You won’t succeed here. Come slow,” Pilot claimed.

Madam Boss took immediate action in response to the accusations, cautioning the influential TikToker that she would reveal damaging information if her name continued to be mentioned.

“I will insult you with true things. Actually, it is Akothee’s name paying your bills. You do not have content to talk to your fans about? What did you come to do on TikTok? I am the GOAT; I do not need anyone’s name for clout.”

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