Mundri West Commissioner bans home-made ‘marijuana’ wines

Zilipha Dawa, the Commissioner of Mundri-West in Western Equatoria State - Courtesy

The Mundri West County Commissioner in Western Equatoria has outlawed the manufacturing and consumption of locally produced wine that is thought to have been spiked with illegal drugs.

According to Zelipha Dawa Justin, local brewers are putting marijuana in their alcoholic beverages.

Dawa claims that people start acting incorrectly after ingesting the chemicals.

“While they do this, you notice the presence of criminals in these bars and then they go to commit criminal activities.

“When they drink these wines, their lives turn crazy”, she added.

She claimed that she had seen an upsurge in crimes including rape, theft, and murder and that the main cause was the excessive consumption of opiates and alcohol.

Ms. Dawa said she summoned the brewers and warned them against punitive measures should they defy the order.

“I summoned them today to raise awareness of the law that governed them because adding any narcotic substance harms human health.”

“…and anyone who does not abide by the order will expose himself to imprisonment for three months and 250,000 SSP as a fine.”

According to Commissioner Dawa, samples of the beverages have been collected for a laboratory analysis to determine the ingredient utilized in the beverages. But she thought it might be bhang.


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