Morgan Freeman among 963 Americans banned from entering Russia – but not Trump

Morgan Freeman is among the Americans who have been banned from entering Russia. Pic: Reuters

Actor Morgan Freeman is among those banned permanently from entering Russia.

The Russian government on Saturday announced sanctions against 963 Americans, effectively banning them from entering the country.

The list appears to include major officials from the Biden administration, such as Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki. The president’s son, Hunter Biden, is also named, as is former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

One prominent name missing from the list: former president Donald Trump. In fact, the only prominent Trump administration official included in the ban is former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, The Washington Post reported.

This is response to sanctions imposed on the country for invading Ukraine.

“In the context of response to the constantly imposed anti-Russian sanctions by the United States and in connection with incoming requests about the personal composition of our national ‘stop list,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry publishes a list of American citizens who are permanently banned from entering the Russian Federation,” the Foreign Ministry said in a news release.

On the list also, is Rob Reiner an actor and filmmaker, who has been barred from the country for his role as “one of the creators of the Internet resource Investigate Russia.”

Morgan Freeman, 84, is on the list because of appearing in a video clip in 2017 that accused the Russian authorities of meddling with American democracy.

Freeman narrated the promotional video for an organisation named The Committee to Investigate Russia, CNN reports.

The video was directed by filmmaker Rob Reiner, best known for movies including The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally, and he has also been added to the Kremlin’s list.

Russia’s foreign ministry said the people on the list “incite Russophobia”.

It said: “We emphasise that the hostile actions taken by Washington, which boomerang against the United States itself, will continue to receive a proper rebuff.

“Russian counter-sanctions are forced and aimed at forcing the ruling American regime… to change its behaviour, recognising new geopolitical realities,” it added.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive of Meta Platforms, the company behind Facebook. [PHOTO COURTESY]

Also on the list is Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros.

Mr McCain is one of three former senators to appear on the list who are deceased.


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