I would be dead & my daughter in rehab – Edday Nderitu reveals

I would be dead & my daughter in rehab – Edday Nderitu reveals. Photo courtesy
I would be dead & my daughter in rehab – Edday Nderitu reveals. Photo courtesy

Edday Nderitu has expressed immense gratitude towards Bernice Saroni, revealing that had it not been her, she (Edday) would be dead by now with her daughter in rehab.

Edday, the estranged wife of Mugithi singer Samidoh, expressed her heartfelt support for her friend Bernice, who faced criticism on social media for supposedly causing the end of Edday’s marriage.

The mother of three commended Bernice, emphasizing that Bernice’s involvement made a crucial impact, preventing dire consequences such as Edday’s life being in jeopardy and her daughter avoiding the possibility of rehab.

May God bless you gal, whatever you did to me and my kids it’s something I can’t even explain. My daughter angekua rehab mimi nikiwa 6ft under,” In reaction to a TikTok video shared by Bernice addressing accusations of causing the breakdown of Edday’s marriage, Edday responded in writing.

Conflict arose soon after Bernice mentioned concealing her partner, with critics alleging that she encouraged Edday to end her marriage.

Ndo maana ulitoa Edday kwake,” wrote one critic identified as Charity K, with Bernice responding in the affirmative noting: “Yes and am very proud of myself“.

 The mother of four sons then went on to share a video on TikTok, responding to critics and highlighting that Edday and the kids are now experiencing greater happiness in the United States.

She mentioned that facilitating Edday’s move to the US was a challenging undertaking, expressing pride in their flourishing and radiant well-being since the relocation.

Side chick yani si hii kitu imewauma na hamtoshekangi. Actually I am super super proud of myself what I did for her. Bringing her to the US, wee unafikiria kukuja US ni rahisi? Na kukuja mbaka na watoi! I am super proud of myself. And let me tell you one thing, today being Thanksgiving one thing that I am grateful to God for is for Edith being in the US. Hamuoni venye anaglow?

“Huoni venye watoto wake glow mhh? Ama kama hujamuona of late ebu enda kwa page yake umuangalie vile anakaa vizuri, anakaa tu doh. She is blessed, she is happy, she is at peace then ufikirie ati ntafeel vibaya? Aiii, ati ju mimi ni single mom sasa munanijudge ati nilimtoa kwa boma yake? Let me tell you wewe what do you do your family? Do you support your family or you kill them with your word? Actually wewe unakaa tu watu wa kusengenya familia yako let me tell you as we spread love,” Bernice explained in the video posted on TikTok.

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