‘Dragon Girl’ who transformed herself with 600 tattoos worth $250,000 reveals ink injected into her eyeballs left her blind for three weeks

A woman who transformed herself with $250,000 worth of tattoos and body modifications.

Has claimed she does not regret anything despite her botched eyeball tattoos and tongue split.

Amber luke 27, from Brisbane, Australia spoke to studio 10 on Thursday about her extreme modification and tattoos.

The influencer who has more than 600 tattoos, says the price is all worth it because she’s seen how resilient she is by putting her body through stress.

“I was 16 when I got my first tattoo, it was a negative energy release, it was a milestone for me “, she said

She prior spoke out about mental health and explained that the body’s modification boosts her self-esteem,

Amber brushed shoulders with the law and was sentenced at Brisbane district court in may 2021 after pleading guilty to seven drug charges .

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